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By Sophia Collins

Which Maytag Parts Provider is Right for You?

Maytag Parts are the best way repair any appliance rather than using generic replacement parts.

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Why use original Maytag Parts?

Appliances generally last for many years, especially when repaired with original Maytag Parts. Great maintenance actually reduces the number of times that a faulty functioning parts destroys the appliance or your newly purchases maytag parts. When it stops working, you often have two choices. You can either pay someone to repair the appliance or you can simply replace the appliance. To make the right decision regarding this, you need to take several factors into consideration. First you have to check on the age of the appliance, and make sure if it’s still under warranty. If the warranty period is still active, the repair will most likely not cost you a dime.


Why using Maytag Parts will save you money on the long run. Lets assume that the warranty period is over and that the repair is going to be very costly. You need to analyze a few other minor details. First, you should begin by getting an estimate of the cost to repair. If the cost is just about 50% of the cost of a new appliance, then it is worth doing the repair. If not, then it would make sense to just buy a newer model. If you will repair the appliance, make sure you use original Maytag parts.


Maytag parts will always last longer and out perform generic parts. An old appliance may present you with the problem of hard to find generic replacement parts. Substitutes for original parts are not always a good idea. The chances are that they would create more problems than solutions. If this proves to be an obstacle for you, then dump the appliance and purchase a brand new model. Newer models are generally more energy efficient anyways. This will translate into great savings and over the years you will know that the cost is justified. Otherwise, use original Maytag parts.

Why Do Many People prefer to use original Maytag Parts?

This decision was easier to make than I originally thought.

Maytag Parts are easier to find than generic parts. Appliance repairs are usually billed by the hour. Average repair rates for the first half an hour are between $40- $85. For every time block after that, the rates would be lesser. $20 – $30 could well be the average range for the later time slots. Also, lesser rates are charged if the appliance is taken to the service shop directly. Sometimes the rates could be decided on a per job basis. This would obviously be more beneficial for the customer as he would not have to worry over the time it takes to finish the job. Make sure you use original Maytag parts in order to save money in the long run.

Why my appliance is cheaper to repair in the long run using original Maytag parts.

Overtime calls to a repair man are calls taken after business hours, or on weekends and on holidays. Usually they are generally charged extra. The charges could well be up to 40% more. So unless it is an emergency, an overtime repair call is not a very good idea for your budget. Otherwise, use original Maytag parts in the first place, and it will save you time and money.

Now that you have a better understanding of why purchasing original Maytag Parts can directly benefit you, let us investigate which distributor is the best for you.

Maytag Parts—where to get the best deals.

Now that you know why your appliance needs original Maytag Parts, let’s talk about where to find the best deals and why you should use a reputable distributor. —Original Maytag Parts are the way to go.

Looking for the best prices in Maytag Parts?

Sometimes looking for the best price might be a daunting task in looking for your Maytag Parts!

As somebody who loves to repair stuff at home, you take much pleasure in your abilities to maintain your own appliances. You save time and money plus, you get the satisfaction of doing a job well done. The biggest obstacle you run into comes in trying to get the correct appliance parts. Most merchants do not — in fact, can not! — carry every part that you may need in order to make the repair. They are limited by warehouse space, and funds to maintain their entire inventory full of Maytag parts.

I love original Maytag Parts

Would you like to know what made me decide to purchase original Maytag Parts?

I want to share with you the reasons why I purchase only original Maytag parts. This website was built in order to help everyday people like me make a knowledgeable decision about purchasing only original Maytag Parts and so I could share an honest, straightforward opinion of why anyone who wants to repair their appliance, should never use generic parts. Sometimes however, original Maytag parts are hard to find.

Lucky for us, the web is a very big place and has solved this problem for most of us seeking to purchase Maytag parts. They are easy to find across the web, and most distributors that invest money in any type of advertising usually are the reputable ones selling the highest quality Maytag Parts.


What Does All of this Mean for You?

You are probably thinking, “Ok, this sounds really good, but what does it mean for me? You are the only person that can decide whether to purchase generic or original Maytag Parts. You need to decide whether you will take the initiative seek out original Maytag parts, —allowing you to increase the life and quality of your appliances, or whether you will allow the darkside to take over, and purchase cheap, generic parts that will cost you lots more money in the future when you appliance breaks down sooner.

Are you ready to take action and make consistent efforts toward purchasing only original maytag parts! If so, please only use original Maytag Parts! Only you can make that choice!

Last Updated: July 7, 2013